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Your spotlight on local services

Big Health & Care Debates

Things are changing

Health and care services are facing pressures from a range of directions:

  • More people are living with long term health conditions (e.g. diabetes, breathing difficulties, etc.) and often with more than one of these.
  • Funding to pay for services isn't increasing as demand for those services increases. In some cases funding is reducing while demand is growing.
  • Even if there was money to increase the services the way they are currently organised there aren't enough trained and qualified staff to do this. For some jobs there aren't enough students choosing to study for the necessary qualifications.
  • People are often supported by more than one service and they can find it difficult to know who to contact if they need help.

Because of these challenges, Healthwatch Tameside is holding a series of Big Health and Care Debates - these give local people a chance to hear from the people who plan and provide services what they think the current challenges are and how they think things can be improved.

Big Health & Care Debate no. 1 - Primary Care

Our first Big Health and Care Debate was about Primary Care - focusing on GP services and pharmacies. Here are the videos of the speakers' presentations:

Big Health & Care Debate no. 2 - Urgent Care

Our second Big Health and Care Debate was about Urgent Care - focusing on people who need to go to hospital urgently. Here are the videos of the speakers' presentations:

The links above are a playlist of all the presentations at each event. If you want to see them individually just click the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video screen and it will take you to the page with the relevant videos on there.

Big Health & Care Debate no. 3 - Care in your community

Our third Big Health and Care Debate was about Care in Your Community. The speakers explained what they felt the challenges were currently, and outlined the plans being put in place to bring the health care and social care systems in Tameside together, including more care for people in a home setting rather than a hospital.

The audience were invited to ask questions of the panel, and these covered a range of topics. A list of the questions is shown on this pdf  (the questions have been summarised). The audience was passionate about the subject, and would have asked more questions, if there had been time.

Tweets from our debates can be viewed here (if you get a blank window it means we don't have any recent Tweets but you can click the 'check for tweets' button it will show you Tweets from past debates):