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Your spotlight on local services

What are we doing?

Our work covers a number of activities and projects. These include

  • Finding out what Tameside residents think about any Social Care they, or a friend or relative, receive via our survey.
  • Developing our new service that helps people who want to make a formal complaint about NHS care.
  • Continuing to encourage people to 'Tell Your Story' about care - particularly through our Healthwatch Champions who are based in local community venues.
  • Supporting the Empowerment work stream in Tameside Adult Safeguarding Partnership's strategic plan.
  • Recruiting and Training 'Enter & View' volunteers to enable us to go into care settings and observe the quality of care people receive.
  • Helping people to understand and have their voice heard in local and regional consultations and projects like 'Healthier Together' and 'Care Together'.
  • Looking into what mental health services are provided locally and how people can access these - to see if there are any gaps in services.

Our projects and activities change from time to time - we will update this page as and when this happens.