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Your spotlight on local services

Our response to Healthier Together


Healthier Together is an initiative across Greater Manchester to change local health and care services.

A public consultation has taken place during the summer of 2014. Our formal response is attached below. In summary we have said:

  • We understand and accept that services need to change in order to provide better care to people within the available resources.
  • In principle many of the proposals appear to be good ideas but we are concerned that the details of exactly what will change are unclear.
  • We think that there should be a good spread of 'specialist' hospitals across Greater Manchester.
  • We think that public engagement through the consultation has not been good enough and that more (and better) public engagement must take place as the plans are developed and changes made.
  • We think that we have a role in helping Tameside's residents to understand and get involved in shaping the detail of any proposals that are implemented.