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Your spotlight on local services

Progress at Tameside Hospital


Hospital Improvements

Healthwatch Tameside has today published its report of its Enter and View visits to Tameside Hospital. This is a report of unannounced visits to the hospital that took place in December 2014.The report shows that the hospital has clearly made improvements in many of the issues that local people have raised as concerns with us in the past. Communication between patients, families and ward staff has improved. More patients get help at meal times if they need it and the number of patients having repeated falls has reduced.

Once again many patients said how caring and hard working the nursing staff were. They also echoed past messages about nurses being very busy and we heard of a few instances of patients who didn’t ask for help because they didn’t want to bother the busy nurses who were obviously looking after someone else at the time.

We think that some of these improvements are due to the new leadership at the hospital which has brought a more open and transparent approach over the last 18 months. An example of this was the display of ‘harm free care’ information on wards – giving patients and their families an indication of how well the ward is performing.

Healthwatch made observations and asked questions based on things that local people have told us are important to them. This involved speaking to nearly 100 patients and their relatives as well as observing the delivery of care on 9 different wards/unit.

Dr Kailash Chand OBE, Chair of Healthwatch Tameside said: “We are pleased to report improvements at Tameside Hospital though we still have some areas where we think improvements are needed.
“We know the hospital has recruited additional nurses in the past year and this seems to have made a difference but patients are still telling us that they don’t always ask for help because they don’t want to bother busy nurses. We think it’s really important that patients feel confident asking for help when they need it and that the hospital has enough nursing staff available to do this.
“Today’s news about NHS funding in Greater Manchester reinforces a point we make in the report. The shape of health and care services is set to change over the next few years. The hospital faces the twin challenge of continuing on the journey to improve its current services at the same time as developing its role so it is able to meet the future service needs of our local population.”


Healthwatch Tameside Enter & View Report Tameside Hospital February 2015