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Your spotlight on local services

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Tameside CAB
Clarence Arcade,
Stamford Street West

Tel:                0161 342 5005

Website:       www.tamesidecab.org.uk

This is a Self-Referral Service

The Citizens Advice Bureau Service is independent and provides free, confidential and impartial advice to everybody. They aim to provide the advice people need for the problems they face and to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives.

 Tameside CAB staff are trained to give information on virtually any issue, including:

  • Welfare Benefits
  • Money Problems
  • Employment
  • Consumer Rights
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Immigration and Residency Issues
  • Human Rights
  • Family and Personal Issues

Tameside CAB will provide people with the facts and possible outcomes of different options to allow people to make the decision that's right for the person. If needed, they can also offer practical support, such as help with filling in forms, writing letters or negotiating with third parties.

Tameside CAB also offer Specialist Services in the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Debt
  • Welfare Rights
  • Employment

When accessing this service you will be offered a short session with an assessor who will identify the most appropriate way to help. This could be giving the person the information they need to solve the problem themselves. Or it could be making an appointment to discuss the problem further - in person or by phone. Sometimes, CAB might direct you to a different organisation that is better placed to help.