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Volunteer Publications

Healthwatch Volunteer Expression of Interest Form

If you have read the role description, and think this might be something you are interested in, then the next step is to fill in the attached forms, and return them to us. When we receive the forms, a member of the Healthwatch team will contact you to discuss what happens next.

How to complete the expression of interest form

Expression of Interest Form


Healthwatch Champions Role Description

This document gives information about what a Healthwatch Champion does, and also what is expected from the Champions.

Healthwatch Champions Role Description

Conflict of Interest Form and Guidance Notes

This is the form we use for our records to show where our volunteers have other interests.

The Guidance is designed to help Healthwatch Board members, and other Healthwatch volunteers to understand how their interests and activities away from Healthwatch may have an effect on Healthwatch Tameside’s ability to be perceived as impartial and fair in the way it operates.

The purpose of declaring interests is not to bar anyone from an activity – it’s to identify the rare occasions where that interest might place someone in a difficult position.

Conflicts of interest and Guidance Notes

Board members

The Healthwatch Board will have 12 members. Five people will be nominated and elected by the members of Healthwatch. Two people are appointed by Tameside Council (the Council is responsible for setting up and funding Healthwatch). The final five people will be appointed by the rest of the Board, based on the skills and experience needed to make up a balanced Board that is strong in terms of all its responsibilities.

In addition, the Healthwatch Chair is a Board member. The Chair is appointed through a process agreed by the Board.

Board member role description

Enter and View representatives

Enter and View representatives provide a pool of vetted and trained individuals who can help Healthwatch perform its statutory Enter and View function. The role of Enter and View Representatives is to visit premises where health or care services are delivered: to observe the delivery of care and to talk to patients and their relatives/carers as directed.

Enter & View Role Description