Mental and emotional wellbeing survey report 2021

In this report we are looking at how people are feeling mentally, and whether there have been any short-term changes due to the pandemic.
Image of head and shoulders with cogs in head

We knew from our Covid-19 survey last year that many people felt their mental and emotional wellbeing had been affected. We wanted to know how they were feeling, as the lockdown restrictions eased.

44% of respondents said their mental and emotional wellbeing had been affected by the pandemic. This has reduced slightly from 51% who answered the same question in our 2020 COVID-19 survey.

I think it has affected everyone in some way, some people more so than others.”

We have heard about the impact of Covid-19, not just on mental and emotional wellbeing, but on physical health too.

The survey responses show what is important to people, and what will help them to feel better.


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