Open surveys

The surveys below are all open. What are your views? Please complete any or all. The second part of each survey asks for recent feedback about health and care services you have used. If the first part doesn't apply to you, you can skip this and complete the second part about other services.

If you just want to tell us about what happened, you can give us a call on 0161 667 2526, or fill in the form on the Contact Us page.

It is really helpful if you tell us the name of the service you used, e.g which GP practice, hospital, etc. We keep all personal details anonymous in our work.

Please help us by providing your feedback. Thank you.

Urgent care survey

Have you used urgent care recently?

This could be 111, or A and E, or an urgent care/walk-in centre.

  • Did you understand all the options available?
  • What assistance was provided?

What went well and what could be improved?

Please give us your feedback in this survey which is closing soon.



Mental and emotional wellbeing survey

How are you feeling now?

Many people told us in our Covid-19 survey last year that their mental and emotional wellbeing had been affected by the pandemic.

We are looking at how people are feeling now, with lockdown restrictions easing again.

  • What would help improve your mental and emotional wellbeing?
  • Have you tried to get help if you needed it?
  • How are your family coping?

Please help us by completing our survey, which closes shortly.


Transport to medical appointments survey

How did you get to your recent medical appointment(s)?

  • Have you had to cancel appointments because you couldn't get there?
  • Have they been re-arranged?

Do you want to share ideas to improve services?

Please give us your feedback in this survey which is closing soon.


Care Opinion

We have joined with Care Opinion to provide you with a way to post your feedback online. This means other people can read about your experience - which may help them to decide whether it's the right service for them. It also means that we can see what is working well, and what areas could be improved. This link will take you directly to the Care Opinion website.

Care Opinion

Please note - you can use this to give feedback about health or social care services. If you want to give feedback confidentially, please complete our survey(s), or give us a ring on 0161 667 2526, or use the form on the Contact Us page.